Managing personal finances has become a hot topic in 2023, as people are increasingly preoccupied with how to handle their money.

It is essential to protect your current funds and at the same time, explore ways to increase your wealth. Investments and certificates of deposit accounts can help you achieve financial security.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Becoming Financially Secure Through Safe Investments

We all have different reasons for wanting to save money and grow our wealth. Gaining financial security is possible through investing. It can help you fund a new business venture, send your children to college, or plan for retirement.

Investing in secure financial instruments, such as a certificate of deposit, can help you grow your wealth. The compounding interest accumulates over time, adding to your savings. This can increase your wealth gradually as the years pass.

While it’s true that some have struck gold by investing all their life savings into one startup that made it big–this is primarily the exception to the rule.

Rather than taking large risks, depending on safe and secure investments can give you the confidence that your money will increase gradually over time. This can help you achieve the financial security and freedom you’ve always desired.

Start Early

Starting as early as possible is crucial when investing for your financial security. It will give you the most time to build wealth and reach your saving goals.

Starting to save early can be beneficial because of how compounding interest works. It has the potential to help your savings grow rapidly over time.

Plus, when you start early and build up a nest egg over time, you’re giving yourself the leeway to take risks at specific points, but always know you have an excellent base to fall back on.


Another key when investing for your financial security is to diversify your holdings. This will help you protect your wealth and assets, no matter where there’s a downturn in the market.

Expanding the variety of your assets could involve possessing a house, holding an IRA, and allocating funds to CDs. It means avoiding the risk of relying too heavily on a single investment; as the saying goes, “Don’t place all your eggs in one basket.”

Even when investing in specific financial products, expanding your portfolio means giving yourself multiple ways to build up your wealth while offering more security if one of them falters.

Focus on the Long Run

Even if you have short-term saving goals, like paying for your child’s college education, ensure you understand how investing can benefit you over the long run.

Saving up for retirement is one of the most common reasons people invest, as it can help you unlock financial security without needing to rely on employment in your later years.

And when you invest in certain financial products, it doesn’t feel like gambling–it feels like a wealth-building instrument you can rely on to outperform inflation and help you prepare for the future.

Kick Start Your Savings with CDs from CSB

Since 1907, Cleveland State Bank has taken pride in being a community bank that offers big bank products and services with a local commitment to the financial well-being of those in our community.

Visit us online or in a branch today to learn about cd rates and open a certificate of deposit account. See how CSB can help you protect your wealth.




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