"We Show We Care" holds a lot of meaning for us at Cleveland State Bank. It's more than what we do for the community. It's more so who we are within the communities we serve. The services we offer at Cleveland State Bank are because of our communities and the people within them. With this passion for serving our communities, we created our Charity Squads.

What is the Charity Squad? 

We have five Charity Squads across our Howards Grove, Cleveland, and Elkhart Lake (coming 2022) branches in which all employees and directors participate. Every year, employees are divided differently, with various employees and directors a part of each charity squad. New groups and new organizations are chosen every year. Since 2018, our Charity Squads have helped the communities we serve, and we are excited to expand our footprint and to be in the Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, community. 

How are charities chosen? 

We plan each Charity Squad and events a year in advance. Our employees choose causes they are the most passionate about and would like to support. Ideas are compiled by our employees and from people in our communities. We then come together and vote on the charities we will focus on for the following year. 


Charity Squad in action at Pine Haven Christian Communities 

What is the CSB’s Charity Squad’s Impact? 

Our communities’ non-profit groups require support regardless of pandemic circumstances. Our Charity Squad’s planned events for 2020 were canceled but were still supported by employees and our board members. 

Currently, we hold “Charity Jean” days once a month to contribute towards Squad projects throughout the year. Any funds remaining, we donate to a specific cause. Cleveland State Bank matches the Charity Squad’s jean fund and donates to each organization at our annual charity lunch in October. In 2021, Cleveland State Bank’s efforts resulted in a total donation of $11,700 towards non-profit organizations within the communities we serve. 

Charity Squad in action at RCS Empowers 

The Future of CSB’s Charity Squad 

CSB is now “on the go”! Our Charity Squads will now be mobile to continue our efforts in supporting our communities’ organizations. We’re excited to share that our Cleveland State Bank van has been and will continue to make its debut around communities as our Charity Squads continue to do their good work through their events. 

CSB on the Go at the Cleveland VA Clinic 

With over 250 non-profit organizations in Sheboygan and Manitowoc counties,  there are many opportunities to serve our community. Our Charity Squad is a means to help our neighbors in various ways; it’s how we show we care about the communities we serve. 

Contact us for more information on our Charity Squads or how your non-profit can benefit! We’d love to help! 

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